As part of Leeds Digital Festival 2021, Forum Central and Leeds City Council ran this reflective workshop on the hugely valuable information governance work that is taking place to integrate Leeds’ Third Sector with Leeds Care Record.

Leeds’ diverse Third Sector forms an integral part of the health and care system in the city. As new integration structures begin to take shape, the health and care system is moving towards cross sector data sharing, communication between service delivery partners, and multidisciplinary engagement with patients in line with person centred working. As part of this system change, the City Digital Partnerships Team at Leeds City Council is working with Third Sector organisations delivering direct care, to develop robust information governance to help them access Leeds Care Record.

Leeds Care Record is a secure joined-up digital care record which enables clinical and care staff to view real-time health and care information across care providers and between different systems.

Initially Forum Central identified 12 Third Sector organisations who deliver direct care and worked with Dani Mistry, Principal Information Governance Officer at the City Digital Partnerships Team, to prepare and support organisations to apply for access to Leeds Care Record.

You can watch the workshop led by Dani Mistry, Principal Information Governance Officer, based at Leeds City Council and Karl Witty, Development Worker at Forum Central below.

Work around digital compliance and the Third Sector, is one component of Digital Enablement of the Third Sector.  This broader work is summarised in this draft paper produced in December 2021 and this paper produced for the Leeds Health and Care Partnership Development Group.