Leeds Faiths Forum – health and social care provision within faith communities

Leeds Faiths Forum is an interfaith organisation represented on the Communities Of Interest network and Third Sector Leeds’ Leadership Group.
Leeds Faiths Forum’s vision is of a city where there is knowledge and understanding of the diverse faiths, beliefs and cultures within it, and the contribution that they all make to the city and its well-being.

Having just written a strategic plan for the next 5 years, Leeds Faiths Forum is committed to working with other community and voluntary sector organisations in Leeds to contribute to the diversity, capacity and sustainability of the Third Sector.

The forum is keen to work with other organisations to conduct an exercise to map out the informal and formal health and social care provision existing within faith communities in the city, and the challenges and opportunities that faith communities have identified in the area of health and well-being.

If your organisation would be interested in collaborating with Leeds Faiths Forum, please contact [email protected].