This update is aimed at Senior Leaders within the Health and Social Care Sector. It covers details of the financial pressures the ICB (Integrated Care Board) are currently dealing with and the approach.

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The Leeds Committee of the West Yorkshire ICB is required to set a balanced plan for the year 2024-25 and this plan needs to be agreed at the Leeds Committee of the ICB on the 13 March. This is with the backdrop that the planning guidance, usually shared by NHSE before Christmas, has not yet been received.

The overall financial challenge for 24/25 is about £200m, which is 7-8% of the overall gross turnover. This is without doubt the most challenging position the NHS in Leeds has faced in recent years and comes at a time when there are increases in demand and remaining post- COVID recovery in areas such as obesity, mental health, neurodiversity, cancer and elective activity.

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