Men’s Health Unlocked are excited to announce the publication of their 21st Century Man project report and the launch of complementary mural and street art pieces around the city!

This report and artwork, including a mural by Burley Bansky, are a result of Men’s Health Unlocked’s consultation with the men of Leeds on the subject of masculinity in the 21st Century. They aim to share with the city what it means to be a man to men living and working in Leeds today and encourage us to think afresh about the issues facing men in the
modern day.

The Men’s Health Unlocked network started during 2020 when Forum Central, Touchstone, Orion and Barca came together to create a network for all the great men’s work happening in and around Leeds. Since then, they have delivered a range of services and projects, aimed at improving men’s health in the city and creating strategic systems change around issues facing men. Their most recent 18 month service included the delivery of the 21st Century Man project, led by Touchstone and Humans Being.

In the 21st Century Man project, the team consulted with 737 men from a wide range of backgrounds on ideas of masculinity. In interactive street stalls and in-depth workshops, they asked men questions about positive masculinity, modern masculine identity, and what they found challenging about being a man.

The report and street art were officially launched on 17 January 2024.

You can also download the report and teaching notes in advance below: