Forum Central is working with partners to identify Third Sector Representatives on the new Population Boards and Care Delivery Boards.

The Population and Care Delivery boards are a core component of the new structures in Health and Care and will form part of the formal governance arrangements of the Leeds Health and Care Partnership

The Leeds Health and Care Partnership aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Leeds populations and represents the local health and care organisations in Leeds. 

The Population Boards and Care Delivery Boards will be made up of representatives from NHS organisations, Leeds City Council, the Third Sector and Citizen. Their role is to ensure a consistent way of working and drive a focus on ‘populations’ rather than individual pathways or organisations. 

We are looking to appoint Third Sector Representatives on the following boards:*

Population Boards:

  • Mostly Healthy 
  • Children
  • End of Life 

Care Delivery Boards:

  • People with Learning Disabilities and Autistic People 
  • Cancer 
  • Planned Care 
  • Same Day Emergency Response 
  • Maternity

*See below for brief descriptions of the Boards.

Who we are looking for

We are keen to hear from people who are passionate about improving the outcomes and experiences of Leeds residents and who are actively working with people and communities experiencing health inequalities in Leeds. We are working within existing health and care networks, such as Leeds Older People Forum, Young Lives Leeds, Mental Health and Local Care Partnerships. The successful candidates will work closely with these networks while in role.

The successful candidates will champion a ‘one health system’ and advocate for the wider Third Sector rather than their own organisation. They will have a strong history of working within the Third Sector and be able to present the following skills and attributes:

  • An understanding of the Integrated Care System, Leeds Health and Care Partnership and the relevant population
  • Have been involved with the population they are interested in and is prepared to be updated on developments to date by Forum Central
  • Have experience of influencing and developing policy 
  • Have strong communication skills, including active listening and public speaking
  • Have the ability to provide time commitment for:
    • Attending all relevant meetings* or give sufficient notice if they are unable to so that a deputy can be arranged
    • Regular contact with the Forum Central officer or colleagues and existing Reps for ongoing support
    • Attending the relevant training required for the role
    • Reading time/ preparing for the meeting, and debriefing after the meeting

*It is envisaged that the Boards will meet monthly or as a minimum 10 times per year. 

Support to the Roles

We recognise that these require a greater level of commitment and responsibility than some of the other Third Sector Representative roles, and that the environment is rapidly evolving.  The Forum Central team is working to support representatives, and respond to their evolving needs.

The roles are supported by the Forum Central Reps officer and the wider Forum Central  team who provide:

  • Knowledge, information and overview of third sector health and social care activities in Leeds
  • Links and introductions to Forum Central membership and wider partnerships
  • Briefings before/after meetings and on key issues
  • Support for actions required following meetings, (eg, research, data, engagement with the wider sector through Forum Central networks) when required 
  • Clear and person-centered processes for ‘feeding back’ 
  • Support with communication of key messages arising from any Board meetings to the wider sector
  • Financial remuneration for the organisations in acknowledgement of the work of the representatives.

How to apply

If you are interested in one of these roles, please send a short written statement, titled with the board you have an interest in representing on or a video explaining your experience and why you would like to get involved to [email protected].

If you have any questions, contact: 

Pip Goff, Volition Director [email protected]  

See below for a brief description of the individual boards


Focus on increasing the overall proportion of the populations who are ‘healthy’ and the length of time they are ‘healthy’. The technical definition for ‘healthy’ is ‘Adults who do not belong to any other population group (long term conditions, frailty and end of life)’.  

The focus is on improving health outcomes for people under the age of 18, supporting in improving overall outcomes for the population.

The focus of the board is on any adults with end of life / palliative care needs. The technical definition for the population  is ‘people on the End of Life register’.


This board focuses on people with learning disabilities and those who are autistic. The population is identified through the GP register.

The focus of this board is on people living with Cancer but it is also likely to include activity relating to diagnostics and screening. The technical definition is ‘Adults coded in Primary or Secondary Care with a Cancer diagnosis without a resolved code’.

This board will be looking at specific pathways and services through this work along with cross cutting issues across all planned care services. The ‘population’ will be people who use planned care services.

This board will focus on people requiring urgent, same day response services in Leeds.

The scope of this population is ‘All women and people at any point within the perinatal period to birth + 12 months’. It includes preparation for parenthood and support pre- conception (including contraception). It also includes consideration of genetics, such as, advice on consanguinity.