West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance, in collaboration with the Yorkshire and Humber Innovation Network, have launched their Innovation Award Scheme for 2024/25.

The Innovation Award Scheme is a non-recurrent, revenue-only, financial awards scheme which seeks to:

  • Promote innovation in cancer care.
  • Encourage the adoption, acceleration, and deployment of best practice.
  • Support the strategic objectives of the Cancer Alliance.
  • Ensure that available cancer transformation funding responds to needs identified locally, as well as those taken from policy priorities nationally.
  • Create opportunities to improve early diagnosis and patient experience in line with the NHS Long Term Plan.

This year they have refreshed the Awards to have two schemes:

  • Scheme 1 includes reserved funding allocation for Trust, Place/Primary Care, and the VCSE (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise) sector.
  • Scheme 2 is a new competitive funding element, available to any partner eligible for funding under Scheme 1.

The competition was launched on Wednesday 1 May 2024, followed by a six-week period for development of proposals and completion of applications. During this time, members of the Cancer Alliance will support informal discussions linked to idea-generation, developing high-quality submissions, and how they would expect pay and non-pay costs to be presented.

The closing date will be 5pm, Friday 21 June 2024 for all schemes. The assessment process and allocation of successful awards will take place during July 2024. Funds will be allotted to the 2024/25 financial year. The Cancer Alliance will be expected schemes to be mobilised (and started) by the end of the financial year, as a minimum.

Further Information

For more information you can visit the webpage for the competition on WY and Harrogate Cancer Alliance and read this word document: WY&H Innovation Comp Guidance 24-25 (word doc)

To apply, please complete one of the following application forms:

WY&H Innovation Award Proposal for Trust and Place Scheme 1 (word doc)

WY&H Competitive Innovation Funding Application Form Scheme 2 (word doc)