The Leeds Health and Care Partnership has issued a finance update expressing the scale of current challenges facing the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) which Forum Central is a member of. This amounts to a reduction of around £200million which is 7-8% of overall gross turnover. The three page update covers:

  • the current situation,
  • the planned approach for 2024-25,
  • how people will be involved and communicated with about service changes,
    and the overarching need to work together to get through this difficult period of change with the utmost support to one another.

It also notes that due to the local elections there will be no proactive public communications until after 6th May.

Below is an extract from the document:

Current situation – 22 March 2024

The Leeds Committee of the West Yorkshire ICB is required to set a balanced plan for the year 2024-25.

The overall financial challenge for 2024-25 is about £200m, which is 7-8% of the overall gross turnover. This is without doubt the most challenging position the NHS in Leeds has faced in recent years and comes at a time when there are increases in demand and remaining post-COVID recovery in areas such as obesity, mental health, neurodiversity, cancer and elective activity.

We remain committed to working with partners across the city to improve health outcomes and address health inequalities, as set out in our Healthy Leeds Plan. In the work we are doing now, we will be seeking to protect some investment in genuinely transformational approaches that will help us to reach our shared goals.

We all know that difficult decisions are being made and that these will impact across all sectors funded through the NHS, affecting service users, our workforce, and our partners.

… continue reading: Leeds Health Care Partnership Finance update March 2024 (pdf)