Key updates about ongoing system pressures and finances have been shared with Forum Central by our statutory partners.

The source information has been added to this post as links. We’ve also included a brief overview of what’s in each document below:

  • Leeds Health and Care Partnership (ICB) Current Situation (pdf) (Difficult decisions will have to be made, but the commitment to working with partners across the city to improve health outcomes and address health inequality remains. Leeds requires 8-10% efficiency savings to stay in financial balance next year and are already under financial control measures by the regulator NHS England. Huge pressures felt across all of WY. As a result of the financial challenges, the ICB team in Leeds will be reduced by 20%.)
  • Leeds City Council initial budget proposals for 2024/25 news item on  (Council tax increase, building closures and sales, new car parking charges, service and reduction of 750 staff are all included. Three finance reports will be discussed by senior councillors at the executive board meeting at Civic Hall on Wednesday 13 December: 1) the latest financial position for this year; 2) outline of the council’s proposed budget for next year 2024/25 and provisional budgets for 2025/26 and 2026/27; 3) outline of the savings proposals to ensure the budget for 2024/25 will be achieved.)

As you’ll be all too aware, these are very difficult times – both for the third sector and our statutory sector colleagues. We’d like to reiterate that we are doing all we can to help mitigate the impacts of these cuts, in collaboration with system partners. We have recieved reassuring feedback that input from the third sector is being heard and recognised, but the situation is incredibly challenging.

We remain hopeful that by working closely together, our strong third sector influence will mean that better joined up and collaborative working comes from this, as well as clarity and parity moving forward around decision making processes and mechanisms in Leeds.