Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF) has been running a project called Trending Elders. Trending elders is a quarterly survey of member organisations, through which they gather up-to-date intelligence on the issues affecting older people in Leeds.

Their survey from September-December 2023 has concluded and they have released the findings of the survey online. A key response to the survey stated

“One lady was hit with a huge energy bill due to her having an immersion heater. When the energy prices rose, her supplier contacted her and told her she was over £1000 in debt and that they would increase her monthly direct debit to £400. Mrs E is in her 90s and widowed; her only income is her state pension. This increase meant that nearly half of her income would be spent on energy bills. She had resorted to turning her hot water and heating off completely and just boiling her kettle to get a wash..”

Please follow this link to read the report: Trending Elders survey results (pdf).