Forum Central has developed a Glossary to explain common acronyms and abbreviations relating to health & care in general, nationally, regionally & locally.

We understand that all across the third sector, within health and care especially, there are a LOT of acronyms, and that can understandably be very confusing for people.

We’ve created a glossary of terms to try help people better understand what these key terms actually mean.

We compiled a list (which will grow no doubt) of acronyms and abbreviations that are commonly used at national, regional & local level, then detailed what they stand for, and unless self explanatory we’ve gone on to explain what it means i.e. what it is or what it does.

For example:
ABCD  –  Asset Based Community Development  –  A methodology for the sustainable development of communities based on their strengths and potentials

Accessing the Glossary

The Glossary is on the Forum Central website at this url:

You’ll find it from the main menu under ‘About’.

It’s also available as a pdf document or word document

So next time you come to read a report or update – remember to have this to hand!